Needs Analysis Study

The Needs Analysis study is actually a research, in collaboration with all partners of the program, that is describing the risks, the current situation, good and bad practices and the necessities in each participating country in relation with the two catastrophic phenomena, Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions. It came out through desk analysis data, questionnaires implementation and video interviews, through literature, existing knowledge and experiences.


This study appears to be very crucial and prerequisite for the production of the guidelines and the educational activities (products of the program). In order to prepare and well organize the products and the outcomes of the project it was essential to study existing knowledge, local policies and situations, as well as to identify the needs of each partner in the topics of prevention and awareness raising, and in coping children’s emotions.


Compiled Needs Analysis


Expert's Interviews



Mrs Machi Kaspiri: Director of the First Public School for disabled children in Rethimno city, Crete


Dr Efthimios Lekkas: Professor of Geology at the University of Athens and Vice Chairman of the Board of the Earthquake Planning & Protection Organization of Greece (EPPO)


Mrs Zoe Livaditou, Head of Hellenic Rescue Team - Lesvos Department



Dr. Cinzia Russo: Psychologist of emergency which have experienced earthquake emergencies and participated to projects related to how to face with the emotional aspects of an emergency.


Dr. Romano Camassi: Seismologist researcher of Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, strongly involved in education projects on seismic and natural risk, in training course for technicians and volunteers and responsible for the EDURISK Project.


Dr. Titti Postiglione: Officer of Italian Civil Protection Department. Responsible for Communication and Formation activities and for Volunteers Office, component of the commissions appointed to prepare and update emergency plan for volcanic crises.


Mrs Biccheri Loredana: Expert on education of preschool age children in Italy


Dr. Alexander Dimitrov: MD, PhD - member of the military medical flying squad at the Military Medical Academy since 1992. He has attended many rescue operations following disastrous earthquakes in many countries.


Mrs Deyana Zarkova: Chief Expert at the Formal Training Center at Ministry of Emergency Situations



Dr Olivier Bellier: Earthquakes and Seismic hazard expert-Research Professor, Head of the Environmental Department at the Paul Cézanne University, geologist, tectonician, earthquakes and seismic risk expert


Mrs Claire Arnal: Seismic hazard 's national expert, working in the department of major hazard prevention for the french government. She is also the regional leader of "Plan seismes".