Educational Kit “Earthquakes and Volcanoes”


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An innovative and mobile experiential Educational Project connected with school curricula which will be addressed to children, aiming to palliate the emotional burden and help them cope in case of a serious seismic hazard, by raising awareness and improving knowledge on earthquakes, was realized through elaboration and the participation of education experts. Special activities are dedicated to children with movement disorders.

In order to implement the Educational Kit the following tools have been created:



A Suitcase Instructions book for the implementation of the Educational Kit.

A Theoretical Handbook for easy access to basic concepts, information, and processes of nature in terms of earthquakes and volcanoes.

An Activities Guide book in order to implement the proposed activities as part of the Education Kit.



Twelve activities designed for the ages of 6-13 years old aiming at the knowledge, awareness and protection of children regarding natural disasters, through interaction games and experience.



Some videos presenting experiments in relation with earthquakes and volcanoes adapted for children, as well as instructions for simple structures that can create.



The basic knowledge for natural phenomena in a slideshow created for children.


Case Studies

Detailed descriptions of the Earthquake in Japan (March 2011) and the Volcanic activity of Vesuvius.



One of the main objectives of the educational product Kit "Earthquakes and Volcanoes" is the assessment of prior knowledge that children might have concerning earthquakes and volcanoes, plus verification or not of the conquered knowledge.


Children with special needs

In collaboration with experts a basic educational approach was created, regarding natural disasters, for children with special needs and disabilities.