Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation (EPPO), Greece


 The Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (E.P.P.O.) is a Legal Entity of Public Law under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. From its foundation in 1983 and up to now, the E.P.P.O. has contributed substantially towards the formulation of the national earthquake policy and consequently the reduction of seismic risk.


According to its founding law 1349/83, the Organization is directed by the Chairman and the Administration Board, which exercises every administration and management act, as well as by the General Manager, who supervises the three directorates. The Directorates of the Organization are: the Directorate of Seismic Design, the Directorate of Social Seismic Design and the Economic – Administrative Directorate. The objective of E.P.P.O. is supported by Permanent Scientific Committees and Working Groups with consultation character, that consist of reputed scientists and specialists.


The organization’s involvement in the Racce program is of particular importance because, beyond the experience offered during the program, it will help disseminate information and educational practices resulting in the completion of the program.